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MKH Bookkeeping Services

MKH Bookkeeping Services can support any type of industry and our services are available on-site, remotely, or a combination to suit your business needs. We provide a one hour initial consultation, at no charge, to learn more about your business and determine where our services can add enhanced value to your bottom line.

All of our services can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs!

Accounting Software Setup, Consulting and Training
No two businesses are alike, just as no two business owners are alike! We constantly strive to maintain efficiency and excellence in changing technology, and provide small business owners the best accounting system to fit their business and personal needs. We provide installation and training to get you off to a great start and consulting services to keep your accounting system running smoothly.

Add-ons: With the ever changing technology of smart-phone applications, we can suggest and implement the newest applications to improve productivity and workflow for your business, and sync to your accounting system to save valuable time and money!

If you are an established business, we can consult with you on your current software, do a review of your accounts, financial data and reporting needs, and provide consulting/training to ensure that you are getting the most out of your financial management system.

Full Charge Bookkeeping & Accounting
For small businesses that prefer to focus on building their business and want to leave the daily bookkeeping/accounting tasks to professionals, we provide the following services:

  • Data Entry – We will record all historical and current data, based on bank statements, invoices, receipts, and other information you provide, to ensure accurate and properly classified revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • Accounts Payable – ( clients) With our automated A/P process, scan and email your bills to us and we can take care of the rest! Images of your documents are stored online, right into your accounting system, creating a paperless work environment, while providing compliant document retention and access to all accounts payable documents at your convenience!
  • Accounts Receivable – ( clients) Our automated A/R process provides you with custom email invoices, directing your customers to your own branded website where they find opportunities to collaborate, and convenient payment options so you get paid faster! You can even schedule automatic payment reminders! Compliant document retention and access to all accounts receivable documents at your convenience!
  • Cash Flow Management –When you utilize both our A/P and A/R processes ( clients), you have a complete cash flow management system with precise control of your cash flow. You can project payables, receivables, balance your cash flow, and identify problems well in advance.
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations: With the option of a cloud-based accounting system, daily bank and credit card feeds (with participating institutions) can be set up to track daily expenditures and daily deposits to ensure accurate daily cash balances. With desktop accounting systems, we provide monthly reconciliation of bank and credit card balances.
  • Class Tracking and Job Costing: For industries that require class tracking or job costing, we will ensure that you adapt the proper accounting system to provide the necessary class tracking and job costing functions, and provide relevant reports to properly manage business.
  • Payroll – Our preferred Payroll solution provider is ADP- Working together with ADP, MKH Bookkeeping Services can help you make it easier to pay employees, meet payroll tax and compliance challenges, and meet your business and employee needs. For businesses with an established payroll provider, we will make the appropriate journal entries to record wages and payroll liabilities to ensure reconciliation with year-end payroll and tax liability balances.
  • 1099 Reporting: We will ensure document compliance with all 1099 vendors, and file annual 1099 and 1096 reports.
  • Fixed Asset Management - We will track fixed asset additions and disposals, based on the information you provide, file Property Tax Returns and assist in disputes, if needed.
  • Financial Reports: We will prepare accurate and timely financial reports, including Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, and Trial Balances; either monthly, quarterly, or annually, and discuss with you the significance of the reports. We will act as liaison with your preferred Certified Public Accountant or tax preparer, and assist in year-end compilations.

Quarterly/Annual Bookkeeping Services
We understand that some businesses can handle most accounting tasks in-house and may only require a monthly review or “clean-up” service to ensure that data is properly recorded based on standard accounting principles. We provide these services for a reasonable fixed fee. We will review your books for accuracy and make any adjusting journal entries, reconcile your accounts, and provide financial statements.

Referral Services
We want to be your go-to person for important business needs! We have built network relationships with IT Technicians, Corporate Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Certified Public Accountants, and Financial Advisors. Through our esteemed network of professionals, we are dedicated to providing you with all necessary resources to help your business succeed!